Exton-Based Analytical Graphics Helped NORAD Track Santa on Christmas Eve

Image via Analytical Graphics.

Exton-based Analytical Graphics helped the North American Aerospace Defense Command track Santa’s journey across the sky on Christmas Eve, writes Ellie Silverman for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

To track what it insists is Santa flying on a magical sleigh powered by reindeer, NORAD used its satellites, radars, and jet fighters in conjunction with Analytical Graphics’ software. Analytical Graphics provided a visual representation of Santa’s journey with the help of “Santa cameras” in various cities.

Anyoney could tune in to track Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve at NORAD’s Santa website.

On other days of the year, AGI’s flagship product, Systems Tool Kit, is used to simulate and analyze anything from space missions to missile defense systems.

AGI has been helping NORAD track Santa since the late 1990s, showcasing its technology to millions of viewers across the globe. Photos and videos captured on Santa cameras are overlaid on a mapping platform Cesium, creating a virtual 3D globe.

“Cesium allows us to show aircrafts and satellites and cars and anything that is moving in space and time,” said Paul Graziani, CEO of AGI.

Read more about the Santa tracking system in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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