Tori’s Time: Festive Holidays? Not So Fast!


By Tori Goodrich

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; not necessarily.

If you’re far from merry and not the least bit bright, you may be suffering from a bout of the holiday blues.  One in five people suffer from some type of seasonal depression. The worst thing you can do is not acknowledge that you are going through a difficult time.

For some, the coming holidays will be the first since you have lost a loved one. For others, the coming holidays will be the first since the divorce, or the first holiday your grown children are unable to travel home.

Between the gift buying, food and party preparations and sometimes less-than-peaceful family gatherings, experiencing feelings of sadness, disappointment, frustration or fatigue is not unusual, according to the American Psychological Association.

There are steps you can take to help minimize stress, improve your outlook and feel better.

Create new Holiday traditions – While you may want to hold on to some of the past traditions, it’s a good idea to create some new traditions with friends and family.

Plan to do something that is fun, relaxing, and as stress free as possible with people you really care about. If the holidays are just too painful and the reminders are everywhere, consider a vacation that allows you to ‘escape’ the painful triggers. You don’t have to go far, just a change in scenery is helpful.

Set safe and healthy boundaries. Explain to your family and friends what you are capable of doing this year, and what you aren’t. Don’t let others guilt you into taking on more than you can or want to handle.

Please choose how you would like your Holidays to be and as always, stop a moment, a take a long deep breath. It helps.


Tori Goodrich is a life, business and professional coach. She is also the co-owner of Gener8tional Connections helping companies work through the great divide. Contact Tori by telephone at 610.613.2127, on the web at, or via email at




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