Retired Nuns in Malvern Embark on Pilgrimage That ‘Took on a Different Shape’

Image via Sister Mary Lydon.

A group of retired nuns who live at Camilla Hall in Malvern recently finished a pilgrimage of more than 1,100 miles to support migrants and refugees, writes Gina Christian for

Each nun pledged to walk or wheel a minimum of a mile every week for nine weeks through the long hallways of the convent home and healthcare center of the Sisters, who are Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary order.

By mid-November, they had amassed 1,170 miles.

“Our pilgrimage took on a different shape than the traditional pilgrimage, but the miles walked, and the prayers offered, are very real,” said Sister Mary Lydon.

The pilgrimage was part of Share the Journey, the campaign launched by Pope Francis in September last year to increase awareness and compassion for migrants and refugees around the globe. The Pope called on all Catholics to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage on the migrants’ behalf.

Read more about the pilgrimage at here.

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