Inaugural Bed Races Delight Spectators in Phoenixville, Raise Awareness for Local Nonprofits

Image via Marian Dennis, Digital First Media.

The inaugural Phoenixville Bed Races delighted spectators last weekend as 17 teams competed to raise funds and awareness for three nonprofits that provide shelter for the area’s homeless, writes Marian Dennis for The Pottstown Mercury.

The teams raised money through sponsorships and donations.

“Today was the inaugural Bed Races,” said Phoenixville Mayor Peter Urscheler. “It was a collaboration between Ann’s Heart, which is our Code Blue emergency warming shelter, women’s outreach The House, and Good Samaritan, which are three groups that really help individuals within our community who may have come into some tough times.”

The teams consisted of four pushers and one rider using beds they built themselves from various themes ranging from “Pigs in a Blanket” to “Jurassic Crib Rockets.” The team members wore costumes matching their theme as they participated in one-on-one races.

“It was a lot of creativity, a lot of great energy, and really it took the community to pull it together,” said Urscheler.

The winner was Team Sandlot, and awards were also presented for best theme and costume, most funds raised, and the fastest bed. After the races, visitors enjoyed the sunny day in nearby Reeves Park.

Read more about the inaugural Phoenixville Bed Races in The Pottstown Mercury here.

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