Could a Philadelphia-to-Pittsburgh Hyperloop Be in the Works? Somewhere, Elon Musk Is Smiling

Mark Hostutler

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is considering a resolution calling for a feasibility study of a Hyperloop train connecting Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, writes Jim Saksa for Plan Philly.

The Hyperloop concept has been envisioned by Elon Musk to allow intercity travel at close to supersonic speeds. It’s partly inspired by the pneumatic tubes used at banks’ drive-thru teller windows. The plan would allow for comfortable passenger trips at 700 miles-per-hour on its infrastructure network.

“This is a huge opportunity for us in the Commonwealth, and we don’t want to miss the boat, or more importantly, we don’t want to miss the Hyperloop on this one,” said State Rep. Aaron Kaufer, the lead sponsor of House Resolution No. 1057.

The resolution calls on the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the Hyperloop connection that would run between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It would have a stop in Harrisburg and a northeast connection to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. The resolution passed the Transportation Committee vote unanimously and is now ready for a House vote.

Read more about a Hyperloop train connecting Philadelphia and Pittsburgh from Plan Philly by clicking here.

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