Local Farmers Turn to Sale of Artisanal Cheese to Offset Milk Losses in Languishing Dairy Industry

Image via Birchrun Hills Farm.

Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester Springs is turning to the sale of artisanal cheese to help offset dropping milk prices in the state’s languishing dairy industry, writes Katie Park for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“We’re talking about making cheeses that are highly specialized, very unique, and hard to find on the market,” said Sue Miller, the farm’s owner.

Miller, who is president of the Pennsylvania Cheese Guild, has a herd of around 80 cows on her farm. She uses their raw milk to make her blue cheese, called Birchrun Blue.

Her creamery also offers alpine cheese (Equinox), a raw milk cheese (Fat Cat), and a washed-rind cheese (Red Cat).

The demand for artisanal cheese has been a godsend for both farmers and cheesemakers, as farmers are able to turn a commodity that is falling in value into one that commands a premium.

Read more about the growth of artisanal cheese in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette here.

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