Lincoln University Resident, Mother of Six to Launch Product That Makes Life Easier for Parents

Laura Toto

Thanks to Laura Toto, a mother of six who lives in Lincoln University, finding a messy crib in the morning may become a thing of the past, writes Steven Hoffman for the Chester County Press.

Toto is getting ready to launch Naked No More, a product that prevents babies from undressing and removing their diapers during the night, ensuring that the crib stays clean and parents stay sane.

The idea for the product came to Toto when she was searching for something to ensure that her daughter Leeah, whom the family nicknamed “the diaper ditcher,” could not wiggle her way out of her clothes and diaper.

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When she didn’t find anything available, she was inspired to create a unique product. So she decided to start Diaper Diva Designs, apply for a patent, and start production.

She also applied to have her product showcased on Shark Tank and entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest to get Naked No More in front of as many people as possible.

Toto is now hoping that the product will be ready for sale on Amazon by late summer.

Read more about the new sanity-saving product for parents in the Chester County Press here.

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