More Human Interaction Among 10 Workplace Trends Coming in 2018


More human interaction encouraged by companies’ leaders and next wave of learning credentials are among 10 workplace trends we will see in 2018, writes Dan Schawbel for Forbes.

The goal of the list published annually by Forbes is to prepare businesses for the future by collecting, evaluating, and reporting the trends that will impact them during the year.

It is highly likely that with the abundance of new courses, credentials, and certification offered by third parties, more employers will be accepting of these credentials as they look to build diverse talent pools.

Companies will also focus on upskilling and retraining their current employees to overcome the lack of qualified candidates.

The 10 workplace trends expected in 2018 are:

  1. Leaders encourage more human interaction.
  2. The next wave of learning credentials.
  3. Companies focus on upskilling and retraining current workers.
  4. Artificial intelligence becomes embedded in the workplace.
  5. Financial and mental wellness get prioritized.
  6. Employee burnout causes more turnover.
  7. Workforce decisions sway consumer behavior.
  8. Companies take diversity more seriously.
  9. The deregulation of labor laws.
  10. The aging workforce.

Read more about top workplace trends for this year in Forbes by clicking here.

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