Book Review: Robert Kennedy and His Times: 40th Anniversary Edition


Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s untimely death and Arthur Schlesinger Jr’s seminal work has been re-released to commemorate the day.

Schlesinger had a front row seat during RFK’s brother’s administration as Special Assistant to the President. He mostly wrote speeches and documented the Kennedy’s for posterity.

In Robert Kennedy and His Times, Schlesinger gives an unabashed look at Robert Kennedy and the forces that shaped his life, ideology and eventual presidential run. From his position as third child in the political dynasty to his brother’s assassination and how it shaped him as a man.

He also gives an in-depth picture of the social reforms taking hold in the 60’s and how RFK fit into the changes that were taking place.

Schlesinger takes aim at what could have been, had it not been for an assassin’s bullet, one of the greatest presidents our nation has seen.

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