Washington Post: Philadelphia Sports Fans Have Nothing Left to Boo

Image via The Associated Press.

With the Eagles winning this year’s Super Bowl and Villanova capturing the NCAA men’s basketball title for the second time in three years, Philadelphia sports fans have nothing left to boo, writes Jerry Brewer for The Washington Post.

The 76ers are also looking to return to the NBA playoffs with what looks to be the NBA’s most intriguing young team. Meanwhile, the Flyers are filling their roster with young players and draft assets that are almost certain to create something special.

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Add to that the tweets about LeBron James possibly joining the 76ers this summer, and it’s no wonder the entire region is excited. It’s a reminder to the city that even the biggest dreams can come true.

In fact, with some luck and a bit more longevity, all this winning could herald the start of the greatest sports era ever in Philadelphia.

Read more about the region’s sports success in The Washington Post by clicking here.

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