5 Unique Home Gadgets You’re Not Going to Find at Target


Every once in a while we like to see the out-of-the-ordinary, the cutting-edge or something that you’re just not going to find in anyone else’s home. They range in uses, so don’t expect any theme here other than uniqueness!

Here, I have 5 very cool products that aren’t in every run of the mill store and are very appealing to anyone!


5.  Click & Grow Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit: Easy to grow herbs for the kitchen!

Grow any spice you want in your kitchen! From basil to thyme, parsley to rosemary.. Have whichever fresh spice you prefer always growing in your kitchen!


4.  USB Endoscope, Depstech 2 in 1 Semi-rigid Borescope Inspection Camera: Inspect those hard-to-reach places!

What’s lurking under your refrigerator? Are those mice nesting behind your furnace? Get an up-close and personal look at any hard-to-access locale in your house!

I really cannot stress how many versatile uses this could have in your household..


3. Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker: Make the perfect Mickey Mouse waffle!

A fun way to spruce up breakfast! Make a perfect Mickey Mouse waffle every time!


 2. PhoneSoap 3.0 – Phone Sanitizer and Universal Charger: Phones are disgusting breeding grounds for bacteria… let’s end the propagating of bacteria and sanitize your cell phone!

The UV-C light used by the PhoneSoap 2.0 is scientifically proven to banish bacteria found on everything from door knobs, toilet seats, toilet handles, and dirty laundry.

With the power of UV lights, your cellphone is sanitized… and charged!


1. Prynt, Get Instant Photo Prints with The Prynt Classic for Apple iPhone: The state-of-the-art Polaroid!

Turn your iPhone into a state-of-the-art Polaroid! Instantly print out full-color photos for your friends! Made from a special ZINK zero ink paper!

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