Fortune Magazine: How to Keep Toxic Political Discourse Out of the Workplace

Image via West Sound Workforce.

Strife and division caused by the current political climate is seeping into all aspects of life, but there are ways to help prevent toxic political discourse from taking over the workplace, writes Hank Gilman for Fortune.

Advisors for Fortune 500 companies have offered their insight, and the result is four main ways to get ahead of an issue that can cause serious problems if left unchecked.

One way to combat the issue is to create a culture that can withstand conflict. To prevent potential problems, Luke Lambert, the CEO of G&S Business Communications, has launched a regular program for “healthy discourse and debate.”

After the election, the company held workshops to discuss other “hot button” topics.

Another way is to come to an employee’s rescue if needed, as this will be appreciated by most company employees.

However, Edward Reilly, a senior adviser at FTI Consulting, warns that executives should be very careful when talking about certain issues and publicly taking sides.

But the final touch is to seat people with radically different views next to one another, as will often get them to finally listen to each other more carefully.

Read more about how to keep politics from dividing the workplace in Fortune here.

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