Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Relocate from Philadelphia to Malvern

One of the medical marijuana dispensaries planned for Philadelphia is moving to Malvern after opposition to its original location.

One of the medical marijuana dispensaries that was planning to open in Philadelphia is moving to Malvern because of opposition to its original location, writes Sam Wood for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

TerraVida Holistic Centers had planned to open a dispensary in a former bank building in East Mount Airy. However, TerraVida’s zoning was challenged by the building’s neighbors, led by Councilwoman Cherelle Parker, who claimed that the location was too close to an unlicensed child-care facility.

Chris Visco, TerraVida’s president, said she spent several months trying to find a new space in the city. But ordinance sponsored by Parker forbids dispensaries within 500 feet of a day-care center.

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Dispensaries also have to have a private access in the rear of the building that is out of view. According to Visco, this is “virtually impossible” to find in Philadelphia.

“There’s not a single building that would meet approval in Mount Airy,” she said. “We looked everywhere!”

Now Philadelphia’s loss has turned into Malvern’s gain, as Visco has decided to move the dispensary into a former auto parts shop at 249 Planebrook Road in Malvern.

Read more about the dispensary in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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