Subsidiary of Kennett Square’s Genesis HealthCare Turns to Future to Help with Rehab

Genesis Rehab Services, a subsidiary of Kennett Square’s Genesis HealthCare, is testing an innovative, futuristic-looking exoskeleton. Image via Skilled Nursing News.

Genesis Rehab Services, a subsidiary of Kennett Square’s Genesis HealthCare, is looking to the future with EksoGT, its futuristic-looking exoskeleton, to help patients with rehab, writes Tim Regan for Skilled Nursing News.

GRS provides rehabilitation services at more than 1,700 locations nationwide. According to Sarah Thomas, GRS’s senior director of innovation, the company is joining forces with several forward-thinking startups to nurture new ideas, products, and services.

EksoGT is part of a six-month pilot project with Ekso Bionics that began in August. It is a powered exoskeleton designed to help people recovering from strokes or spinal cord injuries by helping them stand and walk on their own sooner.

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“We’re seeing positive engagement by the patients who are using it,” said Thomas.

GRS is facing a series of challenges currently affecting the skilled nursing and rehab sector. These include a tight labor market, pressures for occupancy, and changing reimbursement models. The company sees technology as a crucial part in meeting those challenges.

“We believe, by co-creating and collaborating in the development of these products and services, we’re achieving greater outcomes and success,” said Thomas.

Read more about Genesis Rehab Services’ efforts in Skilled Nursing News here.

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