AmerisourceBergen CEO on Opioids: ‘We Want to Tell Our Side of the Story’

Steven Collis, AmerisourceBergen CEO.

Steven Collis, CEO of AmerisourceBergen, took the floor at the Pennsylvania Convention Center last week to respond to the growing discontent that has engulfed the opioid industry, writes Joseph DiStefano for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Collis, speaking in front of 1,500 members of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, said that all 20,000 people employed by the Chesterbrook-based drug distributor find the coverage of the issue very one-sided.

“We want to tell our side of the story” about one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, said Collis.

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During his talk, he reminded the audience of the importance of painkiller drugs for cancer and hospice patients. He also praised AmerisourceBergen’s secure warehouses and the care the company takes to only ship the prescription drugs to licensed medical operators.

However, he did acknowledge that opioid abuse has taken more American lives than the Vietnam War. But added that his company is taking an even more proactive stance on the issue by working with Walgreens and others pharmacies to help them get rid of unused drugs and ensure they do not get distributed to addicts.

Read more about Collis’s take on the issue of opioids in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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