Student Helps Westtown School Tackle Conflict Over Controversial Nationwide Movement

India Henderson helped the Westtown School tackle conflict over the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement through open and honest communication. Image via Main Line Today.

A standout Westtown School student recently found herself standing up for an issue that spilled over from national news.

India Henderson led her school to tackle a conversation about the issues of the Black Lives Matter movement and the All Lives Matter response from classmates, according to a Main Line Today feature by Melissa Jacobs.

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“I was hurt,” Henderson said when “Black” was initially replaced with “All” on campus. “I realized we had deep problems at Westtown. There was a disconnect in our conversation about race.

“If your house is on fire, you don’t say that all houses matter. Your house matters because it is on fire. We see our brothers and sisters die suddenly, every day. We want to lift them up by telling them that they matter because it looks like they don’t. All lives do matter, but we are specifically talking about black lives.”

To foster communication and understanding among students, Henderson helped Westtown form separate black and white groups for the purpose of open sharing, then a student-led conference addressed myths about black people.

Read more about how Westtown handled the conflict on Main Line Today here.

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