The Extreme Persona of Pocopson’s Bam Margera Literally Ate Him Up

His rare skateboard talent and even rarer stunt bravado made for some outrageous MTV viewing, but Bam Margera’s extreme lifestyle ultimately crashed hard. Image via Wikipedia.

On his skateboard and off, he lived a life of reckless abandon, but the constant chaos that made MTV’s “Jackass” star Bam Margera wildly famous ultimately ate him up from the inside.

Amid the television cameras, bright lights, and booze, the Pocopson Township native crashed head-first into an epic struggle with bulimia, according to a PhillyVoice report by Michael Tanenbaum.

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Just as his unthinkable skateboarding skills drove him to extreme stunts, Bam’s flash fame drove him to an extreme eating disorder, so he could maintain a personal image that was increasingly scrutinized by the world.

“When you’re on camera a lot, people have a lot to say,” Bam’s mom, April, said. “He always wanted to have this very slim, slim look.”

The aftermath of Bam’s extreme fame and his renewed attempt to reinvent himself on a skateboard was the focal point of a new “Epicly Later’D” episode filmed for Viceland.

It’s a tale of “a local kid whose bravado and reckless showmanship brought him fame and heaps of cash. It also brought him more trouble than he could eventually handle,” the article explained.

Read more of Bam Margera’s story, and watch the television episode, on PhillyVoice here.

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