Brewery in Delaware Taps Chester County Water Source

J. Burke Morrison pours beer for customers at Twin Lakes Brewing Co. in Newport, Del. Image via Patricia Talorico, Wilmington News Journal.

After a brief dry spell, the tap is open again for Twin Lakes Brewing Co. of Newport, Del., and the beer that’s flowing out of it comes from water sourced in Chester County.

Beer has been flowing again at Twin Lakes Brewing since July 2016, this time with water drawn from a well in southern Chester County, according to a report in The Wilmington News Journal by Patricia Talorico.

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Twin Lakes Brewing – which is most famous for its Greenville Pale Ale, Caesar Rodney Golden Ale, Tweeds Tavern Stout, and Winterthur Wheat – is also showcasing a new tasting room.

The water source isn’t the only connection to Chester County, though. Twin Lakes Brewing originated in a barn that was once George “Frolic” Weymouth’s art studio, as Weymouth was an uncle of one of the company’s three co-founders, Sam Hobbs. The twin ponds straddling the driveway to the family farm inspired the brewery’s name too.

Read more about the latest developments at Twin Lakes Brewing in The Wilmington News Journal here.

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