Birmingham Township Woman’s Random Acts of Kindness the Subject of Her First Book

Lisa Barrickman

Birmingham Township’s Lisa Barrickman is taking advantage of the synergy between social media and online marketing to promote her first book, A Case for Kindness: 40 Ways to Love and Inspire Others, writes Sarah Moran for the Daily Local News.

The book was inspired by a decision Barrickman made with her husband Josh three years ago. Instead of going on vacation with their three sons, they began 40 consecutive days of doing random acts of kindness in the time leading up to her 40th birthday.

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These included paying for the groceries of the person in line behind them at the store and giving an umbrella to an elderly man on a rainy day. Each time, Barrickman also gave the person a Kindness Card she developed herself.

Barrickman kept a journal during the process and got a book deal with Cat Hoort, director of publicity and marketing at Worthy Inspired, a Tennessee-based publisher that uses social media platforms to promote and sell its books.

“We realized we can reach our customers directly through these platforms and more traditional methods,” said Hoort.

Read more about the marketing of Barrickman’s book in the Daily Local News here.

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