New Study Claims Philadelphia Is Sinful but Its Suburbs Are Saintly

In a study of nationwide hot spots for the seven deadly sins, Philadelphia ranked second for wrath while the suburbs came in third from the bottom.

Hold your emotions in check for this one.

Residents of Philadelphia live among the nation’s second-most wrathful neighbors, while suburban Philly ranked third from the bottom for wrath compared against America’s most populous 150 metro areas.

The rankings come from Trulia’s Sin Cities and Saintly Sanctuaries study, which measured wrath as the violent crime rate per capita. Philly clocked in at 938 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, while Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks counties accounted for just 139 violent crimes per 100,000.

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Philadelphia also ranked third nationally in envy with a large gap between rich home prices and poor home prices. The city ranked next-highest in lust, gluttony, and sloth; it scored in bottom half of the 150 metros for pride and greed.

Overall, Trulia pinned Philly as America’s No. 3 Sin City.

“Whether you want to indulge in forbidden pleasures or do good and avoid temptation, we crunched the numbers for you,” the study explained. “Here’s where you are most and least likely to be in good company, either indulging or avoiding the seven deadly sins.”

Check out more of the Sin Cities and Saintly Sanctuaries from Trulia here.

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Top photo credit: TheMorganBurke The City of Light via photopin (license)

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