Kennett Square’s New Bolton Center to Host Grad Program from Vet School in the U.K.

Penn Vet's New Bolton Center in Kennett Square will be home to a new graduate degree program from the United Kingdom's Royal Veterinary College next year.

American professional farriers specialists in equine hoof care are set to ride into Kennett Square to study up on all the king’s horses.

The United Kingdom’s Royal Veterinary College is rolling out its first American graduate diploma program in equine locomotor research at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center, according to a report in The Horse magazine.

The new program is designed for professional farriers to take over the span of two to five years via webinars, podcasts, and face-to-face learning sessions on weekends at New Bolton Center.

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“I am super excited by this course,” said lead Prof. Renate Weller. “As an equine clinician, I cannot emphasize the importance of farriery in the prevention and treatment of lameness in horses enough, and as a researcher, I am excited to be able to work with people who have the practical experience and knowledge to generate scientific evidence for farriery strategies.”

The course is open for applications through Sept. 4 and will take place in 2018.

“It is a historic moment for the RVC where, after 225 years, we are welcoming back farriers, and I am very honored to be allowed to lead this endeavor,” Weller said.

Read more about the new equine locomotor research program in The Horse magazine here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the New Bolton Center here.

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