Malvern Tech Center Announces Partnership to Commercialize Antimicrobial Technology

Image via AmpTech.

AmpTech, a technology commercialization center in Malvern, has announced a strategic partnership with PuriTek, a research and development company also in Malvern, to commercialize an innovative patented antimicrobial technology with potential for fighting healthcare-associated infections.

AmpTech has acquired licensing rights to this technology developed by a PuriTek scientist.

The nylon-based technology destroys a wide spectrum of pathogens common in healthcare organizations, including hospitals, surgical centers, and long-term care facilities. The technology has numerous applications for preventing infections in patients and healthcare workers.

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“Nearly 100,000 people die each year in this country from hospital-acquired infections, and approximately $10 billion is spent to treat these infections in hospitals,” said C. Hank White, PuriTek vice president of commercial development. “We are very excited that AmpTech will bring to market this innovative technology, which has the potential to save many lives and healthcare dollars.”

The technology was developed by Jack Abel, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of PuriTek. Abel is a former chairman and professor of molecular biology at Lehigh University.

“AmpTech is pleased to have the opportunity to do what we do best, commercialize a promising product with greater speed and lower risk,” said Simon Kassas, AmpTech managing partner and executive vice president. “PuriTek’s antimicrobial technology is an excellent example of how smart commercialization can benefit many people.”

AmpTech is a technology development and commercialization center that serves entrepreneurs, universities, and businesses that offer promising product ideas. In addition to working on the PuriTek technology, it has a relationship with Temple University to commercialize a chocolate manufacturing process that will significantly reduce fat content.

Other products in the AmpTech commercialization stage include a plasma-treated water that has been shown to grow healthier, larger plants and a novel technology to remediate the most hazardous gaseous and/or liquid waste streams.

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