With Legacy of Memorial Day at Risk, Berwyn Author Aims to Rally American Economy

To James A. Stuber, who has spent a lifetime analyzing trade, the legacy of Memorial Day is at risk if patriots don’t buy in to “Made in America Again.”

The Memorial Day legacy left by the men and women who sacrificed their lives for America is at risk of being squandered by the myth of free trade.

That’s the message of Berwyn author James A. Stuber, whose new book cautions Americans about their buying habits “at a time when the smartphones we buy are made in Chinese labor camps, the clothes we wear are made in sweatshops, and the fish we eat are caught on slave ships.”

The founder of the Made in America Again movement, Stuber has served as a U.S. House legislative assistant focused on energy and commerce, as well as a legislative and administrative lawyer.

And in his new book, What If Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in American Communities, Stuber outlines the ways in which free trade, globalization, China, and other low-wage economies have squeezed the United States.

He also details how the nation could “bring home $500 billion in spending, create 6 million jobs, and put Americans back to work.”

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