Final Q&A Held on East Marlborough Township’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Facility


The proposed facility for growing medical marijuana in East Marlborough Township has completed its third and final zoning hearing.

A proposed facility for growing medical marijuana in East Marlborough Township is nearing the end of the rigorous process to obtain construction approval after completing its third and final zoning hearing, writes John Chambless for the Chester County Press.

During the meeting on May 3, attorney Randy Schauer provided detailed answers to questions raised during the previous two hearings. He also invited Jim Fritsch, a civil engineer from Kennett Square’s Regester Associates, to provide more information on the plans.

Enrico Avello Jr. and Enrico Avello Sr. have submitted an application for a nine-acre property for the facility in the Limited Industrial District. The original plan was for a 73,700-square-foot building with additional greenhouses, but this has now been reduced to a single, 49,896-square-foot facility.

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The plan also calls for 66 parking spaces along with a loading dock on the north side of the building.

The applicants have already complied with a request from the Fire Marshal to add fire lanes on the north and south sides. They have also adjusted the building’s positioning to address neighbors’ concerns.

The final decision will be made on July 10. However, the public can still submit memorandums to the board until May 26.

Read more about the process in the Chester County Press here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of medical marijuana here.


Top photo credit: NIDA(NIH) Research Grade Cannabis sativa via photopin (license)

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