From 29 Pounds to 160, Prematurely Born Filly Nursed to Health by New Bolton Center

Tamara Rose, a filly that nearly died during premature birth, has been nursed back to full health with the help of the New Bolton Center and its dedicated doctors. Image via the New Bolton Post.

A prematurely born filly that was admitted to Kennett Square’s New Bolton Center in critical condition has been nursed back to health with the help its dedicated doctors, according to a report in the New Bolton Post.

Tamara Rose, who was named after Dr. Tamara Dobbie, New Bolton Center’s reproduction specialist, was born six weeks early in mid-October on Laota Spring Farm in Sinking Hill.

The farm’s owner, Beaverlea Roye-Manderbach, checked for the filly’s vitals before rushing both mother and baby to the New Bolton Center.

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Dr. Michelle Linton immediately knew the severely underweight filly was in dire straits.

“While she had periods of activity when she could hold her head up and show us a weak suckle, she was mostly somnolent,” said Linton.

The complete recovery took several months. But after a strict regimen of care and exercise, Tamara Rose was discharged from the hospital as a happy filly weighing 160 pounds, a massive improvement from her 29 pounds when she was admitted.

Read more about Tamara Rose’s journey in the New Bolton Post here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the New Bolton Center here.

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