DVRPC Report Proposes Adding New Public Transportation Lines in Southern Chesco

Image of the commuting patterns in southern Chester County via the Chester County Press.

Southern Chester County residents may gain additional public transportation options if a proposal put forward in a report by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission moves forward, writes Steven Hoffman for the Chester County Press.

In the report published earlier this year, the DVRPC examined the potential for more access to public transportation in southern Chester County. The report proposes a public transit service to connect southern Chester County with New Castle County in Delaware.

The commission used data collected in the DVRPC Household Travel Survey and from the U.S. Census to determine the transit directions of commuters. It showed that around 15,675 commuters regularly travel from southern Chester County to work in New Castle County, while only 6,755 commute for work in the opposite direction. Currently there is no public transportation option in place for this route.

“Commuter travel patterns identified in the Chester County Public Transportation Plan show that there are more people traveling from southern Chester County into New Castle County for work than vice-versa,” said Amy Bernknopf, a senior transportation planner with the DVRPC.

Read more about the proposed new transportation options in the Chester County Press here.

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