Widener University Panel Discusses History, Pros and Cons of Electoral College


widener“The Electoral College is the strange way in which we elect presidents in the United States,” said Rod Smolla, Dean of the Widener University Delaware Law School.

In this video, Smolla is joined by Brian Tierney, a member of the board of trustees at Widener, political science professor James Vike, and Alan Garfield, a professor at Widener’s Delaware Law School.

The distinguished panel discusses how and why the Electoral College was formed, how it works today, the pros and cons of the system, and what would happen if it were abolished.

Viewers are encouraged to share the video with family and friends, anyone who needs a refresher on U.S. history.

Teachers can use it to supplement history, political science, or civics classes in which the Electoral College and American politics are discussed.

Widener created the video as a tool to shed light on a complicated, yet important part of our democracy, and to help people remain informed and engaged in our political process.

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