Brandywine Hospital Advice Wards Off Mosquitoes Without Worry


Brandywine Hospital LogoDespite all the fear and hype surrounding the Zika virus and West Nile virus, Brandywine Hospital has some relieving facts and practical advice about avoiding and alleviating mosquito bites.

For starters, only one in five people infected with West Nile will develop a fever or show other symptoms, and less than 1 percent will suffer from the more serious and sometimes fatal neurologic illness.

“Mosquitoes, midges, gnats and flies can act as disease vectors,” Exton-based board-certified MedCenter 100 primary care physician Heather M. Beauparlant said in the Brandywine Hospital announcement.

“Mosquito bites can spread Zika, West Nile virus, as well as other diseases. The majority of mosquito bites in the United States, however, do not result in anything more than an itchy welt.”

Spray on a recommended insect repellent to prevent being bitten and treat any bites with an itch-relief lotion and/or cold pack.

For more specifics, read up on the advice from Brandywine Hospital here.

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