Iron Hill Roundtable to Feature Commissioner Farrell’s Roadmap to Success

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Commissioner Terence Farrell Vista Today Chester County Business News
Terence Farrell, Chair of the Chester County Board of Commissioners.

With all eyes on Chester County and its award-winning quality of life, the next few turns could prove critical to reaching its next destination, and soon Commissioner Terence Farrell will share an exclusive look at his roadmap to sustained national prominence.

“At a macro level, the challenge for Chester County and county government is our growth. The better we do as a county, the more people want to move here,” Farrell, now serving his fifth year as chairman of the board, said in a recent VISTA Today interview. “The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission estimates the county will grow from about 500,000 people in 2010 to 650,000 people in 2040. That’s a 30 percent growth in 30 years. There will be additional pressure on all the things we hold dear, including our open space, human services department, court systems, transportation and housing. That’s the challenge — dealing with that growth and the pressure it puts on all of our systems and infrastructure.”

The third-term county leader headlines the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce “Keeping West Chester Ahead of the Curve” roundtable discussion on Wednesday, March 9, at Iron Hill Brewery.

The GWCC’s 5:30 p.m. RSVP-only exchange features a local leader who has steered Chester County toward success by streamlining operational strategies, balancing the budget without more taxes and championing the county’s open space vision.

“Going forward, … we must meet the fiscal challenges imposed by reductions in state and federal funding to the county while still providing the quality of services our citizens have come to expect in an accountable, responsible manner,” his own bio asserts.

And the GWCC membership has the opportunity to play key roles in driving toward that horizon — as well as learning key lessons from one of the best.

“I want to give my very best to this wonderful job of being a commissioner, and also to do the best with what I got in this life,” Farrell said in the VISTA Today feature.

Get the inside look from Commissioner Farrell by RSVPing for the GWCC roundtable here, and read more about his own lessons learned in VISTA Today here.