Kimberton Whole Foods Stocking Shelves at Longview Center for Agriculture

Terry Brett, owner of Kimberton Whole Foods, at the Longview Farm and Market in October.--via Gary Puleo, the Times Herald.

Kimberton Whole FoodsThe shelves at the Longview Center for Agriculture are stocked with a bounty of fresh, local Kimberton Whole Foods products, but the relationship between the two runs much deeper than the label.

Kimberton Whole Foods has driven around complex zoning rules to deliver the goods from its 175 producers, all within 100 miles of its Downingtown distribution center.

“The local zoning requires that whoever leases the market has to be a partner. So rather than Kimberton Whole Foods just coming in and setting up shop as Kimberton Whole Foods, we would have to create a joint venture,” Owner Terry Brett said in a report by The Times Herald.

So Kimberton Whole Foods runs the market while Greener Partners orchestrates the farm-to-table education and support of sustainable agriculture. And customers receive the best of both worlds.

“They can now find many of their favorite items sold at Kimberton Whole Foods stores in Kimberton, Downingtown, Douglassville, Ottsville and Malvern here at Longview Farm Market,” the article explained, “including dried fruit, almonds and seeds in bulk, Seven Stars yogurt, Alderfer’s organic eggs, Beaver Creek honey and Weaver Valley Farm meats.”

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