Triumph Group Wins 5-Year Airbus Contract In Asia

The Airbus A320, one of three different airplanes Triumph will be servicing in Asia under a new agreement reached with Airbus.
Triumph Group
Richard C. Ill, President and CEO of Triumph.–photo via Drexel.

Berwyn-based aerospace systems designer and supplier Triumph Group recently heralded another victory for its global empire. Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus signed on to have proprietary parts from its best-selling jetliners in Southeast Asia inspected, tested, repaired and modified by Triumph Aviation Services Asia for the next five years.

“This award is an important win for Triumph, strengthening our long-term relationship with Airbus and building our presence in the structural component MRO market,” President and CEO Richard C. Ill said in an announcement. “We are excited about our partnership with Airbus and their growing presence in the Asia Pacific region and look forward to supporting this program for many years to come.”

Specifically, the deal involves servicing of rudders, elevators, wing sharklets, flaps, slats and other aircraft structures on the A320, A330 and A340 — some of the world’s most popular short-, medium- and long-range commercial airplanes — from Triumph’s Thailand service center.

“With a skilled talent pool, competitive environment and a centralized location in Southeast Asia, we believe that Thailand has great potential to develop its aerospace sector,” Airbus Head of Customer Services Didier Lux said.

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