Chadds Ford Inventor Adam Roch Wins Top Prize At Nation’s Largest Show

Adam Roch, receiving his cash prize.

Worried your swelteringly hot clothes dryer might someday spontaneously combust? Don’t sweat it; a Chadds Ford man has just the product to keep your head — and laundry room — cool in the event disaster strikes.

Adam Roch’s invention, the Life Saver clothes dryer fire autodetector and extinguisher, was the coolest device at the entire INPEX invention and trade show June 16-18 in Pittsburgh, according to a recent announcement. He brought home the Grand Prix award, $7,500 in cash and gold medals in the alternative energy, technical design, and industrial environmental safety and security categories.

The Life Saver quells chaos in top-load dryers when the heat reaches 190 degrees, and the device is now adaptable for use on barbecues, vehicles and HVAC systems as well.

“I worried that if my clothes dryer caught fire, it might burn the house down, especially if no one was around to notice the fire,” Roch said. “Such fires cause injuries and deaths each year, as well as severe economic damages.”

The 30th annual InventHelp event, America’s Largest Invention Show, brings together the brightest thinkers in 45 categories. Only two other runner-up inventions garnered cash prizes.