Pegasus Technologies Syncs IT Team With Admiral Valve’s Vision, Culture


Pegasus TechnologiesA Kennett Square IT solutions provider has not only figured out how to manage technology to streamline and accelerate the business strategies of its clients but also how to ensure the chemistry and experience of the IT team it provides matches the firm’s vision and values.

Pegasus TechnologiesMatch-IT service is designed to plug into a client’s workflow and bypass the disconnect many feel when they hire an IT team.

“Gone are the days of feeling like a number as a client,” says Matt Tucker, Pegasus’s CEO.

“At Pegasus Technologies, we believe that IT goes beyond great technical knowledge, support and service. We think the best IT relationships and solutions come from people, and personalities that work well together deliver technology that runs smoothly.”

Admiral imagesPegasus’ 20-question survey that assesses brand identity and company personality before assigning two similarly-profiled technical consultants led by a vision-sensitive account manager and tech-savvy technical account manager has more than matched the expectations of fellow Kennett Square business Admiral Valve.

“Our previous vendor would send a technician in who would write a patch to fix something. The next time we had an issue or a special project, our IT vendor would send another person who would suggest and implement a different approach. In the end, we ended up with a patchwork IT infrastructure,” Admiral Valve’s CFO Kelly Tomlin said.

“We were never clear on who or what we were getting and what we were being billed. … We weren’t efficient, and that inefficiency made it all but impossible to make changes in a cost-efficient, timely manner.”

Pegasus’ Match-IT, on the other hand, has supplied an IT team that consistently works productively and efficiently with Admiral Valve, delivering a “uniform IT architecture,” Tomlin added, “and I know what my bill is every month. There are no surprises.”

It’s an IT team that fits in like one of their own — without the extra costs and resources they’d need for an in-house staff.

“Whatever they did on their side to assign the right people to our account, it worked! Our monthly meetings are less about putting out fires and more of a planning meeting. We use those monthly meetings with our Pegasus team to discuss and plan for new technology and together explore if it fits our systems and direction.”


Top photo credit: database plan via photopin (license)


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