Exton Electrical Contractor Proposes New Coatesville Multi-Source Energy Park

Solar Panel

If Bob Keares, President of Keares Electrical Contracting, has his way, Coatesville area eco-friendly businesses looking for sustainable power to fuel their operations may have everything they need in a new multi-source energy park.

The 20-megawatt or more City of Coatesville Energy Park Keares proposed last week will attract new office or warehouse buildings to the community, all powered by renewable energy sources, according to a Daily Local News report.

The energy park project aims to combine a wind turbine, an anaerobic digestion plant, a hydro-power plant, compressed natural gas and combined heat and power with a micro-grid energy storage system to provide nearby businesses with reliable heat and power at below market prices.

The innovative energy park project is to be built on Manor Road behind the city’s Courtyard by Marriott, Keares Electrical Contracting’s President Bob Keares told the Coatesville City Council recently, the article said.

Keares Electrical Contracting is the same firm who proposed building a 35,000 panel, 10-megawatts solar farm on a steep hillside in Caln Township in 2012. That project which, according to philly.com could have amounted to $300,000 to $400,000 in annual savings for the cash strapped Coatesville Area School District, was put on hold after intense local opposition.

Read more about the proposal and other energy efficiency endeavors being considered by the council in the Daily Local News here.

Top photo credit: Solar power plant Kollbach (3D Viz) via photopin (license)

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