The Institutes: Pay As You Drive Insurance Losing Popularity Except Among Millennials


Pay as you drive insurance is losing popularity except among Millennials, according to a piece by Ellen Chang.

This type of insurance is a relatively new offering in most states and tracks driving behavior, according to the story. The data is typically monitored by a small sensor installed in a car or by an existing on-board communications system which feeds certain information back to the insurance company.

Millennials are the most likely to sign up for pay-as-you-drive insurance and are the least concerned about related privacy issues, Chang reports.

A local expert – Ann Myhr, senior director of knowledge resources at The Institutes in Malvern, was quoted regarding the issue, saying the amount of the discount being offered with this type of insurance may not be enough of an incentive for customers to agree to have their driving monitored.

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The full story is here:

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