Hard Cider Now Offered At Chaddsford Winery

Apple cider fermenting before bottling.

Hard cider is changing the way consumers think about beer, according to a recent Mainstreet.com story.

At the Chaddsford Winery, hard cider is also a refreshing choice alongside wine. Hard cider’s distinct citrus flavor makes it popular among so-called Millennials.  Chaddsford’s offering (cold fermented and unfiltered) is a European-style cider similar to what would have been served in early colonial days. Fermented cider is also an excellent choice for party-goers with a wheat allergy.

Jason Notte reports in 2009, cider was a $35 million market in the U.S. that wasn’t spreading past core markets in the Northeast, Northwest and Great Lakes. Last year, it exploded into a $366 million industry.

Read the full story here.


Top photo credit: bottling cider via photopin (license)


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