Coatesville Hoping To Celebrate More Than Just Centennial

photo credit: mcvickerphotog via photopin cc
The city of Coatesville is holding a logo design contest to commemorate their centennial.

As city leaders gear up for a year of “fun and fabulous” centennial celebrations, some are hoping for something a little extra special for the April 27 anniversary date and centennial kickoff event.

On that day local Coatesville students will find out who won the logo design contest, and community members will lend an ear to the “announcement of future events celebrating the centennial through the remainder of the year and possible news about the city’s redevelopment efforts,” according to a report in The Times of Chester County.

That elusive wave of economic development has come to epitomize Coatesville’s mission “to develop, manage and foster a clean, safe, healthy and growing community for all residents of Coatesville and visitors who frequent the city.”

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Top photo credit: mcvickerphotog via photopin cc