West Chester’s Gates Brothers Finally Get Investigation Of ‘Unfair’ FERC Enforcement


After their public battle against overly “ambitious and misplaced” investigations by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in May, West Chester investment managers Richard and Kevin Gates finally have a breakthrough in their own scrutiny of FERC’s enforcement methods.

Department of Energy Inspector General Gregory Friedman has agreed to a review of the matter, the Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition reported this week via Environment & Energy Publishing.

“I appreciate that FERC investigates matters that may bring instability or fraud to the energy marketplace. However, to do this fairly and effectively, it is important that FERC’s policies on investigations and enforcement actions be transparent,” said Pennsylvania’s Sen. Bob Casey, one of three U.S. senators who pressed for the review after confirming FERC’s enforcement point man to chair the entire FERC, in the article.

In addition to lawmakers, the Gateses’ quest for justice has drawn support from former FERC general counsel William Scherman, who has noted their “experience with FERC was just the ‘tip of the iceberg’” and who “has been critical of FERC for not clarifying what constitutes market manipulation,” the article stated.

Read more about the latest development in the Gateses’ FERC saga on the Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition website here, and check out previous Vista.Today coverage of the Gateses’ July appeal to Sen. Casey here.

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