A. Duie Pyle Invests $20K Into Each New Employee


A West Chester warehouse and trucking company is not only investing $20,000 into each of its new drivers but also paying them about 42 percent more in salary and offering the benefits of economic stability and the allure of the open road.

“No matter what happens with the economy, this industry is a pretty solid place to be,” driver Lisa Lariviere said in a recent Telegram article. “It’s an amazing opportunity to have this career that you can have the rest of your life.”

The incentives and the every-10-weeks custom training academy are worth every penny to A. Duie Pyle Inc. to attract the next generation of drivers and help them overcome the $6,000 commercial driver’s license, because the ones who make it through are “customer-service oriented, have a strong work ethic and are sensitive to others,” Director of Loss Prevention Peter Dannecker said in the article. “We get back what we put in with loyalty and suggestion-making from our drivers.”

And successful drivers are well-compensated for their loyalty, with Pyle paying an average salary of $71,000 — much higher than the national average of around $50,000 — for 55 to 58 hours per week and nights at home.

“You get to meet the people you are serving, such as an elderly person who needs an electric scooter — and it means so much to them,” Dannecker said. “I’ve heard a lot of stories from drivers about things like that.”

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