Warren Financial Leader Appears On FoxBusiness ‘After The Bell’ Segment

Randy Warren on FOX.

Randy Warren of Warren Financial Service in Lionville weighed in on Fox News’ After the Bell segment earlier this week offering his perspective on the run-up on Chipotle shares and overall market value.

Warren, who runs a wealth management practice for high net-worth individuals in Lionville, had nice things to say about Chipotle (shares of the 1,500 store fast food chain were trading at $589 per share at the time of the interview) calling the stock a “momentum” stock and not over valued as some have speculated.

” I really like the stock,” Warren says referring to Chipotle. “You have to love the way they are revolutionizing the retail food industry. “

And a few seconds later Warren wraps up his comments on Chipotle concluding:

They are going to expand in the future and there is lots of room to grow.”

At the 4:45 mark towards the end of segment, host Liz Claman ask Warren why he thinks the market in general still has room to run.  Warren responds cautiously saying while the market is “valued well” and “fully valued” it is not “over valued” and that the series of good earnings reports mixed together with geopolitical and value concerns has created what Warren calls an “imperfect storm.”

Warren Financial, according to Mr. Warren, advises its clients to have a plan to manage the market fluctuations created by the storm.  The ideal plan, according to Warren, should include what stocks are in a portfolio and why as well as a hedge strategy, “in case,” Warren warns, “there is that pull back.”

You can watch the entire “After The Bell” segment in which Randy Warren appears with two other financial analyst on Fox News here.

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