Compass Ironworks: High Quality From A Low-Tech Craftsman


The detailed, ornate and high-quality custom ironwork that comes out of the quiet village of Compass in West Caln Township in western Chester County is almost like stepping back in time, especially when you consider that Amos Glick’s Compass Ironworks craftsmanship often recreates historic features of wealthy estates and that he does it all in a 17,000-square-foot Amish workshop.

“They have this ability to create or re-create anything you want, in cast iron or aluminum,” Bryn Mawr builder Donald Kotchick said in a recent article. “What they do never goes out of style.”

It’s a combination of careful, dedicated experience and artistic flair that Glick envisioned early in life when he first established Compass Ironworks in 1998 at the age of 22.

“I saw this need for this very specialized ironwork. High-quality, high-end, attention-to-detail ironwork. To serve that client base, that architect, that builder that really wants this — they’ve got the taste, they’ve got the resources to pay for it.”

Read more about the work of the unique Chester County blacksmith on here and view pictures of the firm’s work on Compass Ironworks website here.


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