Annual Candlelight Vigil and Memorial Service Honors Victims Who Lost Their Lives Due to Violence 


people at vigil
Image via Bill Rettew, The Daily Local News.
The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County honored 181 victims who lost their lives to murder at their recent vigil and memorial service.

The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County recently held its 33rd Annual Candlelight Vigil and Memorial Service, writes Bill Rettew for The Daily Local News.

The service honored 181 Chester County lives that have been lost to murder. 

The service was held during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week and there were about 100 people in attendance. Attendees lit and held candles while standing around the memorial, which was adorned with beautiful flower arrangement donated by Petals Please. 

Every victim’s name was recognized.  

Ashley Shea, the chief operating officer of the Crime Victims’ Center, said, “our open hearts provide hope to all, and your tears provide permission for someone else to cry. Your mere presence unites us all, provides strength and comfort to everyone and most importantly your presence says, ‘you’re not alone.’” 

While those affected by grief should never have had to come together, the strength they have found in their community is comforting. “Not many people understand it unless you’ve been through it,” she said. “We help each other.” said Kimberly Hurd, who lost her father Lawrence. The group gathered to remember those they’d lost, but also to fight for justice for their loved ones. 

Read more about the Candlelight Vigil and Memorial Service at The Daily Local News


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