Washington Post: Founder of Exton’s Tree Top Builders Offers Tips on Building Treehouses

Image via iStock.

Treehouses are epicenters of endless adventures for both the young and the young at heart, but constructing one that is safe can take some time, writes Nevin Martell for The Washington Post

It requires thoughtful planning and sturdy design along with careful building. But even if this may sound daunting, the process is not that hard. 

“If somebody can build a deck and a shed, they can probably build a treehouse,” said Dan Wright, founder of Tree Top Builders in Exton

He emphasized the importance of choosing the right tree. It has to be healthy without mold or any other damage. Building a treehouse will set you back between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on its size and design. 

“That includes all the materials and the beer you’re going to have to buy your friends to help you,” said Wright. 

Also, it is important to plan entrances and exits. 

“I recommend as many ingress and egress points as possible,” said Wright. “Kids like to go up and down in different ways.” 

Finally adding some accessories is always a plus, like a rope bridge that leads to another platform. 

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