Owner of Kennett Square Recovery Company Can Attest to Harley-Davidson’s Struggles to Repossess Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Image via iStock.
Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson has been struggling to hire repossession agents due to the nature of the job that requires employees to repossess bikes from buyers who have fallen behind on payments, something Kennett Square’s International Recovery Systems understands all too well, writes John Keilman for The Wall Street Journal.

As a complex and sometimes dangerous job, many agents claim that Harley Davidson does not pay enough for their efforts to get the bikes back. Yet, Harley has said that values its relationship with those who work to recover the bikes.

“We recognize that in many cases, repossession within our sector is more complicated than within the auto sector,” said the company. “However, aligned with industry standards, we pay above and beyond including surcharges to recognize the complexity of the work undertaken.”

Jeremy Cross, owner of International Recovery Systems in Kennett Square, agrees that repossession situations do not always go the way he wants, but he works to make sure all collateral is recovered safely and properly.

“Have you met some of the people who ride motorcycles?” said Cross. “They care more about their motorcycles than their work trucks or their family vans.”

More recovery professionals are changing how they accept work, with measures that include not taking work if there’s a low success rate for recovering a bike or otherwise.

Read more about International Recovery Systems in The Wall Street Journal.


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