Five Colors to Wear to a Job Interview

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First impressions are crucial when it comes to job interviews. From the firmness of your handshake to your body language, employers are paying close attention to how you present yourself. So, it’s a no-brainer that the color of your attire matters. Here are some colors you should wear to an interview, according to 


Neutral colors are the safest route when it comes to interviews. Black is not exempt. Recruiters associate this color with power and authority. It’s also flattering and could make you appear more confident.  

Navy blue 

Employers associate the color blue with being trustworthy; the navy shade giving it a stronger ambiance. Zippia recommends lighter shades for more creative jobs, and navy if you’re looking for a ‘power job.’  


A person wearing gray might come off as practical and logical. Generally, darker greys are perceived as more powerful.  


While it’s not recommended to go overboard with this, white is usually associated with being clean and honest.  


This power color will leave quite an impression. It’s a bold color, but should be understated, otherwise it could be overwhelming. Keep the suit at home and instead have a red blouse or tie is the best way to go. Avoid solid red ties because they could be associated with political affiliation.  

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Youtuber Self Made Millennial gives advice on what to wear to a job interview.

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