Once Considered a Folktale, These Rare Flowers Are Back in Bloom at Longwood Gardens, But Not For Long

Image via Scott Humel, Longwood Gardens.

The rare blue-poppies at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square are back in bloom and can be seen inside the Conservatory, but only until the end of March, writes Andre Lamar for Delaware Online

Blue-poppies were once considered to be a folktale, but today, people have discovered these vibrant plants are real. They are native to high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains and are rarely cultivated anywhere outside their natural habitat. 

The flower holds extra significance since blue is among the most coveted flower colors worldwide. 

“Biologists have estimated that fewer than 10 percent of flowering plants have blue flowers and even fewer have truly blue leaves,” said Jourdan Cole, spokesperson for Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens first showed interest in raising blue-poppies in 2002, when a graduate student, Shannon Still, was writing his thesis on the flower. 

“Our plants were grown in Alaska and shipped here in October to complete their dormancy in our cooler,” said Cole. 

If you are a non-member, to see the gorgeous flower you need a timed admission ticket. Time slots are available each half-hour from 10 AM to 3:30 PM on weekdays. 

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