Ambulance Company Providing Lifesaving Services to Coatesville Downgrades Its Services


After just months, the ambulance company that Coatesville has a five-year contract with has announced it is downgrading its services, according to a staff report for FOX29 Philadelphia

Coatesville City Council said it was blindsided by an email from Washington Hose Company that stated it will no longer offer Advanced Life Support services. 

ALS is a level of care that is required for severe health emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes. This latest blow comes shortly after the city lost its hospital, causing residents to be taken to other hospitals in Chester County

According to President of Washington Hose Company and Deputy Chief of Emergency Medical Services Dave Norcini, an ambulance will still arrive at the address and an EMT will do their job to help fill the gap in service. 

“Nothing will be changed here,” said Norcini. “You call an ambulance, there will be an ambulance, you call for ALS, there will be an ALS; 90 percent of your calls EMT can handle.” 

However, residents did not take the news well and are considering the regression in services along with the loss of their hospital “a big concern.” 

Read more about the issue at FOX29 Philadelphia

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