Celebrate National Women’s History With Alisa Rose, SCORE Mentor

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According to the World Economic Forum, 2023 will see a new form of entrepreneurship emerge–one that is “more diverse, more socially-minded, and not afraid to multi-hustle.”

This new age of business ownership sounds like a perfect environment for women entrepreneurs who find their way to launch unique small businesses with an abundance of courage, tenacity, and innovation.

SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties does not have to look very far to find strong women business leaders. In fact, this team is fortunate to have several volunteers who own their own small businesses and give back too!

Alisa Rose is one of those women business leaders who give back by volunteering as a SCORE mentor.

Meet Alisa Rose

Fitness Professional

Rose is the founder of Art Fitness and Sisu Athletics.

She calls Delaware County home and manages her business in Wilmington, Delaware.

“In 2011, I stepped out on faith and BET on myself. I left a six-figure position in the Corporate Finance sector. Growing up my mother taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of exercise and making your health a priority, so it was a no-brainer that if I were going to launch a business it would be around health and wellness.”

She was surprised by what the research was telling her about the obesity rate in the State of Delaware and that so many people die each year from a preventable chronic illness.

“I set out with the mission to create an atmosphere where individuals can feel valued and supported and have a community where they can be encouraged and poured into as they walk in their journey to a healthier lifestyle and over the past 12 years this is the same foundation we still stand on today.”

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and it’s not for everyone – and that’s ok! Rose said.

“You have to build a STRONG foundation from the start that can withstand the many days of feeling defeated, that you cannot do this (whatever THIS is), or that this dream you have burning in your soul is unattainable.”

Those thoughts pop up more than many entrepreneurs like to admit, Rose said, as well as the imposter syndrome, a real mental challenge to overcome.

“What has kept me pushing through is my desire to help others improve their lives by making them feel accomplished, valued and giving them a better perspective of their worth.

“Remembering that burning desire that motivated me in the beginning … MY WHY. When I get to this spot where I feel like walking away, I always ask myself a question: ‘How will you feel when you see someone that has pushed through the no’s and accomplished YOUR dream and developed YOUR product/ service?’”

Rose shared her biggest lessons and advice from what she’s learned in the past 12 years.

  • No one can do it the way you can – so don’t give them the opportunity to prove it.
  • There is a seed planted in each of us you just have to develop a strong sense of resilience to endure the journey.
  • If there is no seat for you at the table – create one!
  • Never be afraid to admit what you don’t know but be willing to learn everything you need to know.

Join SCORE in honoring all the women business owners, not only in March but all year long! Special thanks to SCORE mentor Alisa Rose for her mentorship and contributions as a business owner.

Women-owned businesses employ 9.4M workers, usher in innovation, and introduce new products as part of a vibrant U.S. economy. Women entrepreneurs bring a unique perspective and sometimes must break ceilings in traditionally male-dominated industries or roles.

SCORE can help. Find a mentor today.

Check out the SCORE Women’s Entrepreneurs Hub.

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