Chester County Utility Customers Jolted by Erroneous Bills from PPL Electric Utilities


Despite no snow, winter 2023 has been cold, raising expectations among Chester County’s PPL Electric Utilities users for higher bills. But their guesstimates weren’t even close. A staff report at 6ABC plugged in the details of why.

PPL has cited “technical issues” as the cause of elevated charges in Chester County and the region.

The inaccurate bills were mailed between Dec. 20 and Jan. 9.

PPL Electric President Stephanie Raymond wrote to the recipients of the inaccurate statements from her corporate headquarters in Allentown.

“[W]e make this pledge to our customers: You depend on us and we deliver,” it read. “For some of you, we have not lived up to that promise in our customer service. I can assure you that we will do everything we can going forward to provide the service that you deserve …”

Raymond informed customers of the company’s fixes, a combination of:

  • Reissue of correct statements
  • Adjustments on future bills
  • Assurance that power will not be ceased for bill nonpayments through Mar. 31
  • Waiver of all Jan.–Feb. late fees

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has established a hotline — 800-692-7380 — for PPL Electric Utilities customers who believe their billing issues still have not been resolved.

The complete story of PPL Electric Utilities and its paperwork glitch is at 6ABC.


Here are some recommended tactics for disputing a utility bill.

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