Kennett Square Artist’s Distinctive Style Gets People Talking

Robert Jackson
Image via WHYY.
Robert Jackson.

Kennett Square-based artist Robert Jackson has a distinctive style that is both fun and meaningful and often gets people talking, writes Roger Morris for The Hunt

One of his latest works depicts a beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape, but with the addition of an orange balloon dog acting as a painter within the painting and three more colorful balloon dogs acting as his approving audience. 

“I don’t want my art to be just another beautiful painting hanging on the wall,” said Jackson. “I want my work to be conversational.” 

Jackson is one of the most talented and often collected painters from the area not named Wyeth, yet he is seldom mentioned in conversations about Brandywine Valley artists. The reason? Most of his paintings are bought by people who live elsewhere. 

His works are mostly sold through the galleries that represent him, including Arden Gallery in Boston, Gallery Henoch in New York City, and locally, Somerville Manning Gallery in Greenville. One of his most recent shows was held at Zenith Gallery in Washington. It closed in June and was followed by a solo show in November at Canton Museum of Art in Ohio

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